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Gloria Dominguez, owner and chef of Tamarindo Antojeria Mexicana, was born in Mixtlan, Jalisco.  She came to the United States as a young adult, and throughout the years she found that cooking and being an entrepreneur was her natural calling.

In 1988 she opened her first restaurant named Taqueria Salsa, which offered a fun and convenient taqueria to a region in the bay area that didn’t have any representation of mexican food. The restaurant still thrives today.

After traveling and exploring different regions from Mexico she was inspired to represent it’s diverse cuisine in a new venture that she collaborated with her son, Alfonso Dominguez.  Tamarindo Antojeria opened in 2005 and continues to serve the bay area with dishes like aguachile from the northern pacific side of Mexico, carne en su jugo from her home state of Jalisco, cochinita pibil from the Yucatan ,and chiles en nogada from Puebla. Her goal was to make sure she held true to traditions and techniques of each recipe while preserving culture and most importantly flavor.

Gloria not only visited regions of mexico but she used Tamarindo as a platform to invite amazing contemporary to pre-hispanic chefs like Benedicta Alejo from Michoacan and Pablo Salas from Toluca, Mexico. She has also participated in gastronomic festivals, El Saber del Sabor in Oaxaca and Morelia en Boca in Puebla. She was had a proud achievement was invited with the team of San Miguelito in Morelia Michoacan to go and assist in catering for the Vatican to represent Michoacan Mexico.